Ubaldo Bontempi (Castelfidardo 1894/1963)
This small accordion doesn’t have any special technical specifications to justify its presence at the museum. The instrument takes its rightful place in the history of the accordion for another reason: It was the first instrument owned by Luciano Fancelli (1928- 1953). Born in Foligno he showed a keen interest in music from an early age. A precocious writer he composed his first song when he was just 17, a song which was later sung by Carla Boni, Jula De Palma and Cosetta Greco. At 21 years of age he joined RAI (Italian Broadcasting Corporation) also collaborating with the Maestro Francesco Ferrari. Among the many compositions he wrote for the accordion there are a few worth mentioning; the very popular Acquarelli Cubani, Hellzapopping, Ciri, and Pupazzetti. The accordion exhibited at the museum has been donated by the parents of the unforgettable composer, painter and poet.