Marino Pigini (Castelfidardo 1906/1972) e Primo Carbonari (Castelfidardo 1898/1965)

Mario Pigini was a multifaced manager. After the first indications that the accordion market was dwindling, due to profound changes in musical taste (at the beginning of the 1950’s melodic music began to give way to a more rhythmic style) he shifted production from accordions to guitars. Oliviero Pigini (founder of Eko) also began making guitars. The colourful sample on show is finely decorated with beautiful inlays. The decorative inlays were the work of expert craftsmen. The materials used were as varied as celluloid (of a multitude of colours), thin brass strips and slivers of mother of pearl. The craftsmen had to follow closely a pre-made template which, positioned on top of the body of the accordion, gave all the necessary information to obtain an intricate pattern of letters and inlays later to be glued to the accordion itself.